Alumier saved my skin for my wedding!

As you all know I gave birth to my beautiful baby Lucia in may this year. She was a little surprise baby and obviously didn’t want to miss her mummy and daddy’s wedding! My post pregnancy skin was not great.. It was dry, flaky, patchy, my makeup sat terribly and none of my usual products I use to help worked.

About 3 weeks before the wedding I started to panic about wedding prep! I left it so late due to being in a new born baby bubble (which may I add is the best bubble ever!!) But this did not leave me much time to prepare! So I asked my lovely Chole if she would treat my skin to an alumier radiant chemical peel. I surprisingly had never tried a chemical peel before. When we introduced Alumier into the clinic I was pregnant so I couldn’t try them.

Well… I have to shout from the roof tops how AMAZING this peel is! I could not believe how different my skin felt instantly after the peel. The instant glow it gives you is unbeatable. You receive a 5 day aftercare kit with 3 amazing products that you use morning and night that help you get the best results. But the best part for me was around 7 days later where the magic happened! My skin didn’t ‘peel’ in the first 5 days like some peels say they do. (These are more old school) The alumier peel literally made my top layer of skin roll into tiny balls that I cleansed away morning and night with the products given in the aftercare kit. It was almost like when you wear instant tan and you wash it off, it goes into little balls of dry skin that you remove. Well this was all my post pregnancy skin! I cannot tell you enough how much just ONE chemical peel changed my skin. My makeup sits on flawlessly, the dry patches and texture has completely gone, it even changed the tone of my skin, lightening my freckles and just gave me such an amazing glow!

I heard how good Alumier products were by many different clinics and skin professionals but I didn’t believe how good until I tried them for myself! My ultimate favourite homecare product is the Hyrda rich moisturiser. It is super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling amazing after each application.

Many clients have asked me, ‘Do chemical peels hurt? Or burn?’ The answer is.. it depends! It depends on how sensitive your skin is, it depends on your pain threshold, and it also depends on any medications or medical conditions you may have. What I can say is that I am a massive wuss!! And I was pleasantly surprised on the sensation of the peel. Yes it tingles and feels a little prickly, but it is nothing you cannot lay there and take if that makes sense.

So if you have been thinking of trying a peel or any of the Alumier products then DO IT!! You will not be disappointed in the outcome. I am now obsessed, and I think you will be too!

Ellie x

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