ClearSkin Treatments Essex

Safely and effectively target, treat and improve various skin concerns with our ClearSkin treatments.

All treatments are performed using the industry-leading Harmony XL Pro by experienced and qualified skin specialists at our clinic near Chelmsford, Essex.

How does ClearSkin treatment work with the Harmony XL Pro?

Bespoke treatments for every desire

Harmony XL Pro is an all-inclusive procedure that is designed to treat various skin issues, using high-end light and laser technologies, treatments, and applicators to deliver the best possible results and achieve your skincare desires.

The Harmony XL Pro has been extensively tested through clinical studies, with a top safety record to ensure we can deliver the most effective results in the safest possible way.

At Maldon Skin Clinics, we’ll discuss your needs in depth at your initial consultation to gauge which treatments will be the most effective for you. You are our number one priority, and we will never suggest an unsuitable treatment for the problem at hand.

ClearSkin Treatment

Considered one of the best non-invasive laser treatments for effectively targeting and treating various common skin concerns. ClearSkin offers a range of quick and convenient treatments. 

Acne Treatment

Particularly effective for treating Acne, ClearSkin treatments target bacteria in the skin responsible for breakouts.

The Harmony XL Pro laser destroys the bacteria, reduces inflammation & encourages healing.

Pigmentation Correction

Exceptional in helping with issues of hyperpigmentation, by targeting and breaking down excess melanin in the skin. 

ClearSkin treatment can significantly reduce the appearance of Sun Spots, Age Spots, and Melasma.

Skin Rejuvenation

By stimulating collagen production, ClearSkin helps to improve skin texture and significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

ClearSkin laser treatments minimise pore size to improve overall skin appearance and elasticity.   

Harmony XL Pro Treatment FAQ

Both ClearLift & ClearSkin treatments are incredibly fast and use medical grade technology and a non-ablative laser to provide a virtually painless with minimal discomfort.

Most patients describe a warm feeling akin to a light sunburn directly following certain treatments, but this will clear up within a couple of days.

Any and all concerns will be discussed with an expert practitioner during your initial consultation. Consultations cost £20.

Any side effects and downtime associated with any Harmony XL Pro treatment depends on the chosen treatment and the module(s) associated with it.

After a Harmony treatment for hyperpigmentation, the pigmentation may look darker initially for a week before improving to the desired pigmentation.

Any specific side effects for the relevant treatment, as well as any necessary downtime, will be discussed at a consultation to ensure that you are satisfied and confident with the treatment.

A precise treatment time is difficult to state due to the vast array of treatments that the Harmony XL Pro offers. As a general standard, please allow approximately an hour from start to finish per treatment. Our highly trained practitioners will be happy to offer a more accurate treatment duration at your initial consultation.

All skin types and tones can benefit from the effects of the Harmony XL Pro, with customised solutions to treat the different skin requirements of all age groups from teens to older adults. This technology is highly suitable for those wishing for solutions for skin remodelling, thread veins, hyperpigmentation, skin tone and texture, acne, and other indications of ageing.

The results of the treatment will depend on the specific nature of the procedure and any modules used.

For a few of the treatments, such as the ClearLift™, the results will be immediately visible with improvements over time as new collagen develops.

For treatments such as laser hair removal, acne treatments or tattoo removal, a couple of sessions may be required to see the best results.

Our trained practitioners will be happy to discuss the expected results of each treatment at any consultation.

To increase the longevity of any Harmony XL Pro results, we recommend a combination of the following to encourage healthier skin:

  • Maintain a healthy skincare routine
  • Minimise exposure to UV radiation
  • Eating a balanced diet and maintain hydration
  • Avoid any stress that accelerates the signs of ageing
  • Regular follow-up treatments
  • Following the provided aftercare

The Harmony XL Pro was developed by Alma Lasers, a strong medical aesthetic technology brand. Alma holds a leading position in the medical aesthetic field with proven clinical achievements, an impeccable safety record and a firm commitment to the aesthetic care of all generations.

Maldon Skin Clinics offer the following bespoke combined treatments using the Harmony XL Pro:


  1. Harmony Clearlift Laser – a revitalising skin firming procedure which boosts volume with little to no downtime.
  2. Harmony Clearskin Laser – suitable for all skin types, designed to treat acne and diminish the appearance of scars by stimulating collagen production.
  3. iPixel Laser Skin Resurfacing – a skin resurfacing laser treatment which stimulates new collagen and elastin production, improving the volume and texture of your skin and minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  4. 1064nm/532nm Q switch laser Tattoo removal treating every colour with much less chance of scarring compared to other laser technologies.
  5. NIR – Skin remodelling & lifting 1300nm laser improving skin texture on face and neck!
  6. Dye-vl – 500-600nm with photo thermal technology treating vascular & pigmented lesions.
  7. SR 570/950nm – Skin rejuvenation hand piece. Targets skin pigmentation and advanced skin rejuvenation!
  8. Clear vein – long pulsed Nd-YAG 1064 nm. Amazing clearance for leg veins & stubborn facial veins.
  9. Nail fungal – Combining two laser technologies to deliver unbelievable results for unwanted nail concerns.

ClearSkin Treatment Pricing


Single Treatment6 Course Treatment - Save money with courses!12 Course Treatment - Save money with courses!
Small Area£20£96£192
Half Face£40£192£384
Full Face£75£360£720
Full Back£200£960£1920

Harmony XL Pro Results

Book your ClearSkin treatment with an experienced skin specialist in Essex.

Contact our friendly skin specialist team in Essex to discuss your treatment and book a consultation. Consultations cost £20 and are required before any treatment can be performed.

If you have any questions about your Mole Removal treatment, please don’t hesitate to call or message us.

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